The Ease of Achieving Relaxation with Reiki

Relaxation – just simple, everyday relaxation — is difficult to achieve or experience in a sustainable way. Our lives are busy. Things happen, and suddenly that hour we had to go to meditate or exercise is taken up with buying a turkey for Thanksgiving, or staying late at work. Reiki is a far more sustainable way to achieve that relaxation people are looking for, and it provides for a deeper level of relaxation too. It is easy to do, takes very little time, and doesn’t pull you away from your daily responsibilities.

It is truly possible to live in our society and rarely, if ever, feel relaxed in a natural, sober state, and on a consistent basis. Meditation can be frustrating and actually stressful if one feels that one is not achieving their meditation goals. Alcohol, cigarettes, and eating sugar can be comforting, but the aftermath can be uncomfortable and stressful – you may end up feeling more uncomfortable and stressed than before. Yoga classes can be pricey. Many common methods of relaxation are difficult to practice consistently, are expensive, or are unhealthy in other ways.

Is it any wonder, when one considers what our options are, that we live in a society with so many stressed out people, living out stressed out lives, and teaching our children stressful ways of being?

Reiki is very special, because it allows you to achieve a depth of relaxation not provided by other methods that are encouraged by our society, and it fits so well into our lives. Reiki is different from drinking, meditating, sleep, and other methods of relaxation. It is a specific, natural healing vibration that allows you to achieve relaxation on demand, and it does this without the work of exercise or meditation, or the burden on the body placed by alcohol, eating sugar, or other things we do to relax. There are no side effects.

For the Reiki-attuned, it is very easy to relax.  You can give yourself Reiki simply by applying your cupped hands to your body. You can give it to yourself in a meeting, on the phone, or watching television. It is easy to do and easy to access at any time.

It also takes little time away from your life – all you need is to give yourself fifteen minutes of Reiki a day to repair your body from every day stress and restore your body to a more relaxed and balanced day.

There is so much about Reiki that is wonderful, not the least of which is that Reiki truly is for all humans. Once you are Reiki-attuned, relaxation is accessible to you, regardless of what is happening in your life. All you need is a cupped hand.